Maurizio Donadi, Co-Founder of Atelier & Repairs Launches New Venture

Pieces from the Transnomadica collection

Maurizio Donadi, co-founder of Atelier & Repairs, has a new venture

Transnomadica is a highly curated e-commerce collection from Donadi’s archive, including Japanese- and American-made denim, vintage tees, woven tops, outerwear and a fun section titled “Home Experiments.”

Transnomadica’s denim pieces, for example, show the palimpsest of the previous owner in every whisker and wear pattern. Transnomadica’s garments may have started out as part of a mass-produced series, but they have since evolved into individual pieces.

Atelier & Repairs had operated the West Hollywood boutique since 2018.

Donadi’s new venture is separate from Atelier & Repairs, which reworks previously owned and deadstock pieces into new contemporary garments. The company recently closed its boutique in West Hollywood, when  the lease on the 650-square-foot store expired early in the COVID-19 pandemic. Atelier & Repairs had operated the shop since 2018.

An earlier version of this story inaccurately portrayed Transnomadica’s relationship with Atelier & Repairs. The e-commerce business is a separate venture from Atelier & Repairs. 

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