Crescent Bahümán Introduces Infinite and Sustainable Blue Shades Without Indigo

The vertical denim supplier’s proprietary dyeing technology, Blue Infinity, will launch at Kingpins Amsterdam.

Blue Infinity – by Crescent Bahümán will change everything.

When acid wash was invented in 1986, it changed our industry entirely.  It was like an empty fridge being refilled with food.  Almost everyone wanted their product to be acid washed.

When the Japanese invented slub denim, like acid wash, it changed the industry and made everyone wanting to replace what they had with new yarn shapes.

The third game changer in my career is Blue Infinity which is not indigo but looks and acts like it, actually taking blue denim to a new dimension, beyond Indigo, opening new ways for innovative shades, looks and effects.

Congratulations CBL. – Andrew Olah

LAHORE, PAKISTAN | April 8, 2022 – Crescent Bahümán Ltd. (CBL), an innovative, sustainability focused, vertical denim supplier, has engineered Blue Infinity, a game-changing technology that creates an endless variety of blue shades without using indigo.

Blue Infinity provides the global denim industry with a low-impact solution for warp dyeing on all product categories, ranging from mass retail to boutique luxury styles. It is a revolutionary way to produce new shades, looks and effects. From brilliant blues to greener and greyer shades; from vintage to luxury looks; and from classical to contemporary effects.

This innovation allows CBL to become an active agent of positive change within the supply chain and offer added value to the denim market. The Blue Infinity concept is based on a proprietary dyeing technology that reduces environmental stress, both on required resources and generated outputs. The gains are across environmental impact categories such as water, energy and chemicals.

Garment wash downs can be performed mechanically, with smart chemicals, and with energy-based systems such as lasers — or any combinations thereof. The environmental benefits also extend through the entire laundry process.

All chemicals used in the process are GOTS 6.0 approved. Blue Infinity also meets RSL requirements from major brands and retailers.

“The ability of this technology is tremendous, especially because it creates an infinite number of shades of blue while reducing environmental stress,” said Crescent Bahümán Vice President of Strategy Zaki Saleemi. “CBL has had to think, work and execute this technology in a totally unconventional manner compared with traditional manufacturing processes.”

Crescent Bahümán’s Blue Infinity collection will officially launch at the April 20-21 run of the Kingpins Show at SugarCity in Amsterdam and is available for review by appointment.

About Crescent Bahümán Limited (CBL)

CBL, a 25-year-old denim fabric and garment manufacturer from Pakistan, is focused on developing new projects while staying true to its belief that man, nature, and industry can coexist. CBL is the first vertically integrated denim jeans operation in Pakistan. CBL is also the first denim mill in Pakistan to extract locally grown, rain-fed hemp fiber.

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