ICYMI: Nearshoring, Living Digitally and Denim 101

How was your week? On September 11 our American family marked a very sad anniversary. Sending lots of love to our denim community – local and global. We could all use some good vibes right now.

We announced the final speaker roster and program for our Kingpins24 Canada event. You can see the latest info here and register for the 2-hour Zoom event here.

But enough about us. Here’s some of the denim news that caught our eye this week:

Future of trade shows?

The role of trade shows has been shifting for years. Less focused on securing orders for exhibitors and more focused on brand-building and creating connections, trade shows are facing a strange new reality in the pandemic.

Business of Fashion explored the issue and issued the results of a survey in January 2020. At the time, even before the pandemic, experts were predicting a big chunk of business traditionally done during trade shows would go online. “Are we about to see the complete demise of physical showrooms and tradeshows? No, we’re not,” says Simon P. Lock, founder, chairman and chief executive of Ordre. “However, the industry is heading towards an omnichannel approach. While insignificant now, I believe in the next five years, 20 percent of B2B business will happen online.”

Now trade shows are trying to position themselves so that they’ll remain relevant in a world with and without in-person events. One upshot of digital trade shows: data.

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Nearshoring: Europe’s next textile boom? 
New EU legislation could be a boon for European textile manufacturers if it succeeds in installing more flexible laws to make it easier to work with nearshore partners. According to Vogue Business:”The winners will be textile businesses in the EU and pan-Euro-Med countries. The likely losers will be the UK post-Brexit and competitors in Asia.The European Commission is on track to push through new rules that could transform the cost advantages of nearshoring textiles production. The rollout will be subject to the approval of ministers from EU member states in the coming months.EU textiles firms could soon be able to make a fabric in Italy and send it to a Mediterranean neighbour such as Egypt or Lebanon for dyeing, while still avoiding the payment of trade duty on the finished product.” 

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Transformers ED October 2020
Transformers ED is back and bigger

Transformers ED is an educational seminar series meant for students and consumers who wish to learn about the denim supply chain and understand the environmental impact at each step of production.

But honestly, the lineup this season is great for anyone wishing to brush up on their industry knowledge. Stay tuned for the complete speaker and panel roster. You’ll like it.

Register here.
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