ICYMI: Oh, man. That was a hard week.

“Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends
Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends
Oh, I get high with a little help from my friends
Yes, I get by with a little help from my friends
With a little help from my friends”
— Paul McCartney + John Lennon
With a Little Help From My Friends

Hi friends,
It was another hard week. The news cycle was pretty relentless
We’ve tried to round up a few bright spots alongside the news that is hard to hear but worth noting.
Also, with all the information and talking heads, we know it is hard to discern what we should be doing (or not doing) and what guidance we should be following. We’ve collected a few links from the experts – the World Health Organization, namely – to help you find unbiased and fact-based information.
Finally, the Kingpins team is working on two big projects right now that will help keep us all connected and informed. The first is our new website – which will launch on March 30.
The second is still in development, but we are working furiously to bring it to you. Stay tuned!
And stay safe.
-The Kingpins Team

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The World Health Organization (WHO) updates its site with new scientific findings about COVID-19 regularly and has tons of resources, including videos and downloadable informational posters. We’ve pulled a few of those resources to share with you, plus a song to sing as you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
WHO’s Advice For Public 
Myths About COVID-19:
Coping With Stress In The Time of COVID-19
Wash Your Hands / Sing This Song

Here’s a grab-bag of denim-related news and articles that we wanted to put on your radar.

Plight of Retail Workers: ‘I’m Scared to Go to Work’
Some chains have remained open during the pandemic, worrying employees who have to travel to their jobs and then interact with the public.
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More wipes, no jeans: Amazon limits warehouse shipments
“Amazon, in an attempt to fill its warehouses with toilet paper, hand sanitizer and other items in high demand, said Tuesday that it will limit what suppliers can send to its warehouses for the next three weeks.
Among the items that suppliers can ship include as canned beans, diapers, dog food, disinfecting wipes, medical supplies and household goods. Others items like jeans, phone cases and other non-essentials will not be allowed.”
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Some factories in Italy and France are shifting production to creating medical supplies like masks, hand sanitizer and other “pandemic essentials.”
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And More
Forced cancellations jumpstart virtual fashion technology
We know we need to stay isolated for our own collective good, but we have the technology to keep us connected. 
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Is Artificial Intelligence Good? Clothing Companies Say Yes
How Microsoft assists Bode, a clothing label that repurposes quilts: a case study in the ways artificial intelligence is taking over the fashion industry.
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The Devil Wears Prada [but Vogue editors wear jeans]
14 Vogue Editors Share Their Favorite Denim Picks
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What to Watch While #IndigoinIsolation
Fashion Is in Fashion on Streaming Services
In a bid for new audiences, Netflix, Amazon and the new Quibi are teaming up with celebrities like Alexander Wang and Naomi Campbell
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New Content Series on Kingpins’ Instagram: #indigoinisolation

We’re posting videos every day from our video archives of denim lovers talking about their indigo-heavy outfits. We’ve recorded these videos all over the world – the US, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe – and we’re re-sharing them with you because our global community feels disrupted and we all need a little connection right now.
If you want to join in, WE’D LOVE IT.

Take an outfit pic, tag it #indigoinisolation.
We’re isolated, yes. But our love of denim keeps is connected.

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