“Living meme” Oliver Tree wears JNCO jeans exclusively.

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We published a fun and informative exploration of the history of corduroy this week. Did you know that before the industrial revolution, folks used to cut the wales into corduroy by hand? We scoured the internets for lots of great photos of people wearing corduroy over the years.

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Enough about us, here’s some denim news that caught our eye this week:

TikTok influencers really like $10 Walmart jeans

How did a pair of $10 men’s jeans from Walmart become a viral sensation among teen girls on TikTok? Dunno. Just, dunno. But it’s super cute. 

Check out the #walmartjeans tag (at the time of this writing it has 7.3 million views) for insight into how teens think about jeans, how they get crafty to alter the fit, DIY tricks and just generally feel super old. 

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See the #walmartjeans content on TikTok

Credit: Diwang Valdez for Billboard

“Living meme” wears JNCO jeans, lands in Vogue

What do you call the feeling when you’re confused and nostalgic at the same time? Bc that’s what we’re working with over here thanks to a Vogue article about Oliver Tree.

Tree, who calls himself “a living meme” is a stuntman, musician, filmmaker, comedian, internet personality. And he wears JNCO jeans exclusively and that netted him a sweet little profile in Vogue.

Dear reader, I have no other reason for sharing this information with you beyond wishing to not be alone with it. Please, if we can ever get together again, I need a Millennial or Gen Z person to explain this whole thing to me. Like, from the top.

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We’re talking about colored cotton again – this time with biotech

Scientists at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia’s national science research agency, are pretty excited about colored cotton.  

According to ABC News, the team, lead by Dr. Colleen MacMillan, has “cracked cotton’s molecular colour code, adding genes to make the plants produce a colour.” The tests so far have all been done in the lab on cotton plant tissue and the real test will come in the field, when flowering cotton plants will confirm (or deny) the success of the experiment.

In the lab, scientists have been able to coax cotton plant tissue to take on a variety of colors, including yellow, orange and purple. This same team is trying to make cotton wrinkle-free AND stretchy.

Colored cotton isn’t a new idea. Wild cotton can naturally grow in a variety of colors – reds, greens and browns, mostly. But the fibers they produce are typically too short and brittle to be used in commercial textiles. Sally Fox, a cotton breeder and inventor of FoxFibre, has produced colored cotton for decades after figuring out how to get colored cotton plants to produce long staples.

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Read About Sally Fox: Meet the ‘Fanatic’ Breeding Colored Cotton, Growing Heirloom Wheat, and Building Soil Carbon

Denim designers launch pandemic project when their factories pivot to PPE

What do you do when you make selvedge jeans but your garment factories pivot to produce PPE? If you’re like the two dudes behind the HebTroCo brand in northern England, you have a creative rethink and launch a new product, I guess.

The duo, whose brand offers all British-made goods, landed on a sort of poncho made out of a tweed blanket. It’s called the Action blanket and the idea is so simple. They order the finished wool blankets and then have local seamstresses cut and finish a neat slit in the center.

Badabing-badaboom – a wearable blanket you can toss on while you WFH or to cover up after you get out of the pool/pond/ocean/lake/river. 

Moral of the story, designers are creative and now we want an Action blanket. 

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