ICYMI: We All Need Connection Right Now

Hello Friends,
How is everyone holding up? We’re not going to lie – this was another hard week. Every day is heavy.
Yesterday the US earned the unenviable title of the country with the most known cases of COVID-19. And we saw unemployment hit 3.3 million people – a grim new record. Elsewhere in the world, Bangladesh’s garment sector teeters on the verge of collapse under the weight of frozen and cancelled orders and Pakistan and India have instituted country-wide lockdowns, shuttering their garment factories. Cambodia’s government is predicting that as many as 200 garment factories employing some 160,000 workers could temporarily close by the end of the month if they run out of raw material imports from China. Spain and Italy are seeing huge numbers in fatalities and are desperately fighting to curb infection rates. It is all so heartbreaking and overwhelming.
One thing that is giving us hope and occasional smiles is KINGPINS24 – our new 48-hour online event that will take place on April 22/23. It WILL NOT take the place of Kingpins Amsterdam – there will be no free stroopwafels or beer involved, sadly. But it WILL, hopefully, help bring our denim community together and give us information, inspiration and connection. We have lots of good stuff planned – the latest info from our exhibitors, fantastic panels and interviews, our Kingpins Trend forecast, and much more. Plus, unlike any other Kingpins event ever, we’re opening the doors to everyone who wants to join. We’re all in this together, we might as well lift each other up, entertain each other, inform each other and inspire each other. More details to come, but nearly everyone we have invited to participate has said yes, so it will be a special event, to be sure. 

AND – our new website will FINALLY launch on Monday. It is pretty – but much more importantly, it will be a new way for us to connect with the denim industry and provide information, education and inspiration 365 days of the year (not just during show days). So, on Monday, grab your caffeinated beverage of choice, fire up your browser, clear your cache, and go to www.kingpinsshow.com.

See you next week. Stay safe.
-The Kingpins Team

Here’s a grab-bag of denim-related news and articles that we wanted to put on your radar.Textile Industry Mobilizes in Fight Against COVID-19
“U.S. textile and garment companies that normally make sweatshirts or fabric for patio umbrellas are changing tack in the coronavirus pandemic, heeding a White House call to step up production of urgently needed surgical masks and gowns.” –The New York Times
“Fashion designers and manufacturers are rebooting their operations to help with shortages of masks and gowns in the coronavirus pandemic.” – The New York Times
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What Does Business Look Like Post-Covid-19? Denim Industry Insiders
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How the denim textile industry will evolve after Covid-19 – Part I – via Sportswear International.
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Timberlake Defends Iconic Denim Outfit (Doesn’t Mention Sunglasses Indoors Thing)
Twenty years after the crime, Justin Timberlake is defending THAT matchy-matchy all-denim outfit he wore with his special lady Britney Spears to some event that was eclipsed by the aforementioned indigo takeover. “Look man, you do a lot of things when you’re young and in love, man. That’s what you do,” he said. I mean, I guess. 
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