Tencel™ Launch, KP24, Oak & Acorn, Sustainability and more

Kingpins24 April – Save the Date

One year ago around this time, Covid forced us to do our first digital show which was the birth of Kingpins 24, a 22 hour marathon event that was both fun and funny to do. The Kingpins team learned a lot about what to do and what to never do again.  Now a year later and we are veterans at these things and just saying that is funny all over again.

In April there will be three days of free events, for all viewers.  Day 1 is Inspiration Day for everyone who likes to be inspired, Day 2 is Innovation Day while Day 3, April 22nd is Earth Day.  We hope you can imagine what that will be about.  Click here to register.

Kingpins24 Flash x Tencel™ – Global launch of latest innovation

Kingpins Flash hosted the global launch for the latest innovation from TENCEL™.  Introducing…TENCEL(TM) Modal with Indigo color technology adding indigo pigment into the spinning mass. This innovative indigo application provides resource savings, real wash effects and rub fastness.  If you missed this incredible story, check out the video here.

Cotton SubsidiesNow is the perfect time to discuss

The fashion industry is waking up to its environmental impact, and the American public is discussing the possibility of a Green New Deal, in which the federal government would invest billions in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating economic prosperity. Read our new story here.

Sustainability – Creating Rubber from Dandelions

The Russian dandelion helped supply the Allied forces with rubber through the Second World War. Now, tire makers are hoping it could make a commercial comeback.

Podcast – Heddels Blowout

In their newest episode of BlowoutHeddels talk to Miko Underwood whose new denim label Oak & Acorn shines a light on the Black American experience of denim and indigo with historically inspired pieces. Learn about indigo dyeing in Western Africa, the clothes of incarceration, and the most important but undiscussed court martial of WWII.

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