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As we get into the full swing of 2021 and January recedes in our collective rearview mirrors, plenty to dive into from the wonder of indigo (did you know the first known recorded use of indigo as a color name in English was 1289?), to our first major event and the big news of the year, the upcoming Kingpins Flash/Kingpins 24 which will be taking place on Feb. 23 and 24 and Lenzing, the producer of TENCEL™ branded fibers, will be our Lead Sponsor.

On top of that great news Lenzing will also be Lead Sponsor of our Kingpins 24 Amsterdam event.

We are very proud Lenzing will be our lead sponsor of Kingpins Digital events for the first half of 2021.  What could be better news than support from our industry for our industry!

LenzingLooking Back to Move Forward

Indigo is an ancient dye, used by many civilizations – including Mayan, Egyptian, Japanese and Indian cultures. When indigo became a commodity it started its journey via the earliest trade routes finding its way to Greece and Rome around 300 BC. The Greeks named the blue pigment ‘indikon’ meaning ‘from India’ and at that time it was considered a luxury item. Later it attracted the name “Blue Gold” due to the demand as a high-value trading commodity. ‘Indikon’ became ‘indigo’ in English.

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Lee x Kingpins Show – Indigood Podcast Starts This Friday

The first episode of The Indigood Podcast, a new podcast from Kingpins and Lee celebrating everything good happening in denim will debut Friday. In Episode One, host Roian Atwood and Kingpins founder, Andrew Olah, explore each step of the denim supply chain, discussing the sustainability challenges and potential opportunities to make denim better for the world, better for the environment and better for you.
New episodes will be available every other Friday. Stream The Indigood Podcast at kingpinsshow.com or wherever you get your podcasts.  
LINK: https://kingpinsshow.com/indigood-podcast/

Kingpins24 Flash – Denim Innovation and Technology

We are digitally back on February 23 and 24 for 150 minutes each day.

It’s all about innovation and specificity.  Everyone who presents will take one idea or product that they think is their best innovation and share it.  No one has more than 10 minutes to explain. There is an old adage that if you can’t explain your idea in one sentence, you should get a new idea. We can’t wait to see this event and hope you love it either live or on-demand.

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