Kingpins Trends SS 2022

From social influences and a focus on process over product to investment dressing and a new sense of responsibility, the Spring/Summer 2022 denim trends reflect and expand upon the current global social climate. “We present 4 key stories and 4 separate market shifts that really set you up for looking at how to design for next season. It’s about culture, it’s about lifestyle shifts, and also of course it’s about denim and it’s about fashion.” – Amy Leverton, Denim Dudes

  • WIP (Work in Progress) – This story focuses on the rise of Gen Z over the past few seasons and their incredible impact on the way fashion is regarded, consumed and created.

  • Low-KEY – Last season we explored the importance of timelessness and comfort in a post-pandemic world and the needle continues to shift in that direction into 2022.

  • Devolution – As the global pandemic has forced us to re-set, re-evaluate and re-wire our consumerist brains, a new generation of optimistic creatives are rising from the ashes of 2020 to lead us towards a more hopeful future.

  • INVESTMENT – The sustainability movement pre-dates the global pandemic, but Covid-19 has made consumers more conscious of the waste they produce daily and its impact on the environment.

The complete S/S 2022 forecast with 93 pages of trend content – including key collections, styling, design details and research & inspirations – and the Kingpins24 screening video, are available to purchase now.

Kingpins Trend is a collaboration with Amy Leverton of Denim Dudes.

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