Kingpins Most Sustainable Products and One Denim Debut

Kingpins has taking its Most Sustainable Products initiative — MSPs, if you will — from concept to collection with the help of PVH Europe.

The Oct. 19-20 Kingpins Show in Amsterdam will feature the debut of the first Most Sustainable Garments and ONE DENIM collections, designed by industry consultant Piero Turk and featuring select MSP fabrics and washes for the Spring / Summer 2023 and Fall / Winter 2023 seasons. Turk and designer Serena Conti (Envelope SRL) worked with textile engineer and Kingpins Technology Leader Miguel Sanchez to select the fabrics and finishes.

MSP Sponsor PVH Europe have produced the garments in its Amsterdam atelier and the finished garments were washed by Italian machinery maker Tonello.

The MSP initiative was first launched in 2019 to address buyers’ and brands’ need for information about sustainable resources at Kingpins Shows. With the return of in-person trade shows, Kingpins is relaunching the MSP initiative.

The MSP program objectively vets and identifies the top sustainable offerings on the show floor and acts as a guide for buyers and brands searching for valuable, reliable information regarding sustainable products. To compile the MSP list, a textile expert shops Kingpins shows each season and selects the 10 MSPs.

Kingpins will release information about the FW23 MSPs at the Oct 19-20 show in Amsterdam, along with the finished products in the Most Sustainable Garment collection. Going forward, Kingpins plans to release MSP lists and showcase Most Sustainable Garments at all shows.


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“We selected from 10 denim mills collections the denim that for us is THE MOST SUSTAINABLE one. We want to show that choosing denims that are more ”sustainable” is not a limitation. You can do whatever you want with them, no limits for imagination and creativity.

The washes/finishes are done at Tonello (after receiving the garments from PVH…..), using only the most modern and sustainable technologies (laser, ozone bleach, static ozone), no dangerous chemicals (even no chemicals at all), natural overdye colors.

It’s also our way to show how unsold garments in stock can be re-used to create something totally new and different.”


ONE DENIM seeks to address excess waste of money, time, energy and water in the denim industry. The project demonstrates how much variety and variation can be achieved with a single fabrication.

“If we consider how many new denim qualities are developed every season by all the mills, we have a picture of what it means “waste”. It seems that most of the new qualities are developed just to make something new. Without a real reason. This means wasting money, time, energy, water. At any Kingpins show we have thousands of denim qualities but nobody needs them. Just few of them are bringing to our world something new, useful and interesting.

Brands are using a lot of different denims for different styles and different washes. This also means a lot of waste. My dream is having one denim (or just few) that can be used for years for unlimited number of style and washes. Denim mills should be focused in that direction instead of developing useless qualities.

So ONE DENIM should show to everybody, mills and brands, that with just one quality you can make (almost) everything. You don’t need to use many different denims to develop new ideas and have variety in a collection.

This is the message: be focused in what is really useful.

About the added value for the show.
1- giving a clear direction/suggestion to mills and visitors
2- having at the show beautiful washes to enjoy watching them and take as inspiration.

I selected from Prosperity collection, one denim quality that it’s perfect to express the concept you will read about. Easy to wash both in traditional and advanced(ozone + laser) ways. Easy to be used for different fits and styles. The ONE DENIM collection presents 3 different fits, 3 different washes for each. In total 9 pants.” – Piero Turk

Special recognition to Nicolas Prophte, Vice President Of Sourcing, Production, and Innovation of Tommy Hilfiger(PVH), and John-Randy Anthony, Denim Academy Manager PVH Denim Center · PVH Corp., the drivers of the operations that helped make the MSP collection a reality.

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