News to Know: Supply Chain in the News

We want to share some recent stories we found insightful and hope you might find interesting as well:

The New York Times looks at the impact of artificial intelligence on international manufacturing, in “How A.I. and DNA Are Unlocking the Mysteries of Global Supply Chains.” Read the story to find out why “supply chains are like a bowl of spaghetti” and why companies like Costco, the 5th largest retailer in the world, are using DNA tracking on their cotton products, here.

While still reeling from the recent natural disaster, there may be some rays of hope for Turkey, according to JustStyle’s story, “Positioning Turkey for apparel sourcing success: The opportunities and challenges.” According to the report, in the near term, Turkey is eyeing apparel exports of $40 billion. But the piece asks whether the soaring costs of raw materials and energy will prevent Turkey from rivaling Asia as a sourcing powerhouse. Read on here.

Is sustainability a trend or something more? Reuters dives in to find out in “Green is the new black as fashion sector fast-forwards on sustainability trend.” Damage to reputations and supply risks during COVID crisis have forced companies to rethink production practices. The good news is that fashion brands are striving to have stronger relationships with suppliers, the bad news is inflation is decreasing purchasing power. Read on to learn more.

Image: Johnny Milano for The New York Times

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