Founder’s Message: A Dear Friend and Prescient Pilot About Jeans

In 2019, my friend Scott Morrison made a pilot for what he hoped would be a series of shows about jeans. YouTube indicates that 460,000 people have seen it to date, but I’ve never heard one person mention it. Plus, the few people I asked about the show all said they had never heard of it — let alone seen it.

Scott is a legend in our industry having started not one, not two but three successful brands: Paper Denim & Cloth, Earnest Sewn and 3×1 Denim. The 3×1 Soho store shuttered pre-Covid at the end of 2019, as did the brand itself. Scott left our industry and moved to golfwear — which is a bit like Tiger Woods leaving golf to be a pro tennis player.

I called Scott recently to ask if I can share his jeans pilot to our newsletter audience (at least, to those of you who are not among the 460K).

There is also a link to a chat I had with Scott here:

I hope you like our conversation. I miss Scott. We used to have breakfast almost every month and catch up on the industry and our personal lives, which were funny at that time. In the year of insanity 2020, he moved (I can’t believe I am writing this) to Seattle and I moved to Houston. Who would have predicted that? Never came up once in years over our bacon and eggs.

Enjoy the movie here.

-Andrew Olah

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