Kingpins Loves NY, But for Now, Meet Us Online

Kingpins cancelled its June show in New York as the coronaviris crisis continues to keep people around the world at home in hopes of flattening the curve and reducing the impact of COVID-19 on all of our daily lives.

By now, we all know someone affected by this crisis. And, sadly, we are likely to be further impacted as medical professionals work to contain the disease while they treat patients and look for a cure. The scale of the economic impact on us all is impossible to measure. 

But there is comfort in community and Kingpins has always been about fostering community, working together and looking for ways to innovate our industry. 

We hope you will join us on April 22/23 for Kingpins24, our online event created to bring us together in these uncertain times. We will have news from mills and other suppliers, the latest trends and other content to inspire you and get you thinking about the future. 

We will be posting additional information about the event here. Members of the denim industry can register for Kingpins24 here.

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