Material Exchange: Deadstock Depot

Is there someone hiding underneath a booth stand at the Kingpins Show in Amsterdam this month? Or tucked behind a roll-up? How about peeking out from around a corner? ​

Kingpins Show attendees: be on the lookout for unusual figures, measuring no taller than 12 inches, lurking in the most unexpected places. We’re not sure exactly what they’re up to. But we do know a few items have gone missing from the Deadstock Depot showroom. And we have strong suspicions it’s down to Mohsin Sajid, Sadia Rafique, and the Material Exchange team. Who can blame them? The demand for deadstock is clear – and our new collection demonstrates just what’s possible with these excess materials.

Discover the potential for your own collection at the Kingpins Show. Or place an order for a free box of our favorite deadstock samples here:

Let’s take the dead out of deadstock.

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