News to Know: Denim in the News

Jeans and stories about them were all over the media lately. We spotted some fun ones we want to make sure you didn’t miss:

What Happened to Streetwear. Online forums once fostered streetwear communities. Writer Isis Pinheiro investigates what happened to them. Read the story here.

What Haute Couture Denim on the Runway Tells Us About Fashion Right Now. Jeans — and things that resemble jeans — took a turn on the Couture runways recently. Vogue investigates blue jeans’ red-hot moment. Read the story here.

The Fascinating History Behind Why Jeans Have That Random Tiny Pocket. Maybe you assume it is for holding coins (hence the name) or a NYC subway token or two, if you’re old enough to remember. Maybe you just think of it as the fifth pocket, but New Zealand’s Newshub claims that’s not precisely right. Read the story here.

Will Ripped Jeans Ever Go Out of Style? One cranky New York Times reader bemoans the popularity of distressed denim. Chief Fashion Critic Vanessa Friedman sets her straight. Read the column here.

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