News to Know: Denim in the News

So much denim (and denim-adjacent) news to share, from investigations into the history of indigo and the economic benefits of an old (and well-made) pair of jeans to a look at the next frontier for denim and news about an investment in an eco-alternative to petroleum pigments.

How bamboo and denim are becoming the ‘new luxury’ in automobiles. In our last newsletter, we found several examples of denim’s drift into interior design. Now we bring you news of denim (and other sustainable materials) making the shift into automotive design, including Volvo’s new electric vehicle, the EX30, which has an interior made from recycled denim yarns. Read the ABC News story here.

The real reason why jeans are mostly blue. Indigo is clearly the default color for jeans. The Times of India takes a look at the history and cultural significance of the blue in blue jeans. Read the story here.

Buying a new pair of jeans? Breaking down the cost over time might help you decide. Those of us in the industry understand the value of a long-wearing pair of jeans, but consumers and retailers are starting to dig into the economics of calculating “cost-per-wear.” Read the AP story here.

Nature Coatings Secures $2.45m in Funding Led by The 22 Fund and Regeneration.VC (including Leonardo DiCaprio). Jane Palmer, the founder of Nature Coatings, has discussed her renewable, bio-based black pigment at Kingpins24 and Transformers. The LA-based company recently landed $2.45M in seed funding led by a finance and VC group that also includes actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio. Read about it here.

Image: lechatnoir

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