News to Know: Denim in the News

From a behind-the-scenes look at how a vintage pair of Levi’s came to garner that $87,400 price tag to a couple of stories about denim’s drift into interior design (OMG, it’s HAPPENING!), we’ve got your jeans-related reading material right here.

The Realest Pair of Jeans. Remember the 19th-century, mine-found Levi’s sold at the Durango Vintage Festivus last year? Journalist Justine Harman digs deep into the details and turns up quite a yarn. Read The Cut story here.

The Jouch Deserves a Rebrand. The strength, durability and sustainability of denim make it a perfect fit for interiors, particularly for the “jouch,” argues Clever, Architectural Digest’s site for DIY interior design. Read the story here.

An Apartment Dressed in Denim. If you’re all in on the “jouch,” wait until you get a load of what Harry Nuriev, owner of Crosby Studios, did with denim for an installation at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris.. Read the story here.

Have you seen the “Jouse” commercial? If too much denim decor is not enough, you’re going to want to see this. Check it out here.

Image: Harry Nuriev by Benjamin Baccarani

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