Tencel™️ Bast Recast, Naveena Denim, KP24 & Paolo Leidi

Founder’s Letter – Three Changes Needed in our Industry

I recently caught up Paolo Leidi whom most of our readers have never heard about but who is someone incredibly vital to the denim world and in my eyes is a celebrity like Jimmy Iovine was in the music industry or other behind-the-scenes experts in many industries. I wanted to hear his ideas on how our industry could green up faster. He suggested Three Changes that our industry should adopt. Read on in this month’s Founder’s Letter.

Lenzing – TENCEL™ Fibers Bast Recast

Dubbed Bast Recast, the collection takes its name from the idea of recasting—or relaunching—bast fibers, which include linen, flax and hemp. “The interest in hemp is like a new beginning in the apparel area,” said Michael Kininmonth, project manager at Lenzing. Both TENCEL™️ and hemp can claim a low environmental impact, due to their low water use, high yields and low pesticides use during cultivation, and throughout the project, responsible products and processes have been used where ever possible. Join Lenzing our Lead Sponsor at Kingpins24 Australia to discover more. In the meantime checkout the Tencel™ Bast Recast YouTube playlist – a collection of videos from inspiration to final presentation.

Naveena Denim – Where Fashion meets Function

Naveena Denim Ltd (NDL) is proud to announce their exclusive “Premium Manufacturing Partner” with DSM Dyneema, designed to protect people with an ultra-light, comfortable and durable fabric that offers extreme strength and maximizes performance. Watch a short trailer here and make sure to tune in to Kingpins24 Australia to learn about our Major Sponsor NDL’s exclusive partnership with Dyneema.⁠

Indigo Story – Could plant-based indigo ever stage a comeback?

Many people believe natural indigo is more sustainable than synthetic indigo, both of which are chemically identical. In our next newsletter we will share our study and well researched story. Could plant-based indigo ever stage a comeback? Stay tuned.

Note from Henry Chow – Founder/CEO of Precision Textiles and Coordinating Assistance with Kingpins24 Flash Australia

“Hi all, my involvement in Kingpins24 Australia, started like most things, through a relationship. One that I have with the “godfather of denim” Adriano Goldschmied. He approached me together with Andrew Olah and for me it was a no brainer to try to play my small part in taking the show to Australia. Kingpins is a progressive and leading name in the denim industry, an industry in which I’ve been involved for the past 30 plus years of my life. Brands, retailers, suppliers, manufacturers, etc etc, we’re all stakeholders in the future and betterment of our industry and I know that this is a strong part of the Kingpins ethos.” Henry Chow, Founder/CEO of Precision Textiles

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