See It Live in NYC! Kingpins Trend Direction F/W 2023

Amy Leverton of Denim Dudes will take you through all the Fall/Winter 2023 denim trends — from the ’00 revival to virtual denim at the upcoming Kingpins Show in New York. You can register for the show here.

You can also purchase her comprehensive 82-page Kingpins Trend Direction report. Denim Dudes takes a deep dive into the cultural, creative and consumer shifts currently affecting our denim market, from virtual and tech influenced design to fun, playful, surreal silhouettes. Want to know what’s happening with the 00’s revival or how political values will be impacting jeanswear? In this in depth report, we provide guidance to the supply chain from mill through to customer. Covering silhouette, wash and styling on a product level through to values, brand strategy and actionable intelligence for brands.

  • Simulacrum – This story explores the concept of escapism and focuses on how the simulated reality of our online lives is meshing with our physical world more than ever before, dramatically shifting design towards darker and dystopian-like aesthetics.

  • The Outsiders – Emerging from our post-pandemic, home-crafted, organic-minded, psychedelic-positive world comes the increasingly popular term, Goblincore. A movement that may not be particularly high fashion, but one that speaks volumes about our shifting values in 2022.

  • Wonderment – As we move deeper into this decade and further from our lockdown dress codes of basics and sweats, the building blocks of everyday dressing are becoming less basic, more stylized and joyous as consumers seek to wear clothes that truly excite and spark positive emotion.

  • Softly – This story encompasses a kinder attitude towards apparel across all aspects of our lives. Living gently, designing with the utmost care and attention and moving through the world in a philanthropic way are essential to our future.

The complete F/W 2023 forecast with 82 pages of trend content – including key collections, styling, design details and research & inspirations – is available to purchase now. The Trend Direction content is a digital file delivered directly to your email upon purchase.

Kingpins Trend is a collaboration with Amy Leverton of Denim Dudes.

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