Transformers Foundation: Cotton: A Case Study in Misinformation (Updated!)

Exciting News from Transformers Foundation!

Transformers has updated their 2021 report: “Cotton: A Case Study in Misinformation” with the latest data from ICAC, Bayer Crop Science, and the FAO. Discover the latest figures and context on pesticide, water, and now, fertilizer use.

Why is this vital?

It promotes informed decisions in the denim supply chain.

Helps readers understand the complexity of resource use decision farmers have to make.

Invites readers to rethink the way we source cotton.

Go deeper than the data! Explore the stories, aspirations, and challenges faced by the real heroes: the farmers.

Also, join the launch webinar on October 23rd for “Cotton Unspun: Data, Context, and the Future of Sourcing”. Let’s reimagine our cotton sourcing strategies together with industry experts.


Register for the launch webinar here:

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