First Days of 2021, Wind Power, Einstein’s Formula for a Happy Life and more.

Hello Everyone,

The first days of 2021 are behind us and lots of stuff going on.

Brexit’s arrival begins a new era for the UK.  The U.S Congress was assaulted by thugs who believe the conspiracy theories they read and are now being identified by law enforcement, while China continues to extend hostility towards Australia.

On the sustainable front Tesla announced it will enter the Indian market in 2021, while the UN Development Programme (UNDP) expressed confidence that clean energy would grow in 2021.

On the Kingpins side of things

We will have two digital shows in the near future. 

Kingpins24 Flash will run on US time zone on Feb. 23 and 24. This event will be all about new ideas, and innovation.  We’ll share more as things get set in stone.

Kingpins24 Amsterdam will run April 20, 21 and 22.  It seems almost impossible to imagine that this is our third digital show in Amsterdam all done from our homes, but the more you do it, the more fun it gets and we’ll tell you soon all about how it’s going to be different from anything else we’ve ever done.

Consumption and Mind Food

We want to share what we read and heard that might interest you as much as us 

1. Wind power.

2. The story of an Oakland bar during Covid which is a universal human and commercial story that is sad, but rings true for all of us in one way or another.

3. An Ecotextile story on how the pandemic hits the poorest the hardest.

4. Einstein’s Formula for a Happy Life

5. One of the many problems in moving more rapidly towards sustainability is that a lot people think they are right when they are wrong. This is a human trait flaw in all of us, which is explained in this video.

6. And lastly we hope you like our new monthly feature – Kingpins Infographic

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