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Kingpins24 Flash On-Demand – TENCEL™ Modal with Indigo Technology

Hello and Happy Wednesday,

The latest and greatest was revealed at Kingpins24 Flash. Among them, LENZING™ launched TENCEL™ Modal with indigo color technology, here’s the video.  You can also view the entire Kingpins24 Flash Show streaming now On-Demand until this Friday March 12th.

Peggy Lee – Guitars A là Lee (1966)

2020 marked the centennial for Peggy Lee.  Almost 20 years after her passing she has over 2 million monthly Spotify listeners and her often overlooked “Guitars A là Lee“, a loungy set featuring Peggy over a total of 7 guitars, is one we’ve been listening to.  On a side note, according to online sources she is often cited as the inspiration for the Margarita cocktail.  “In 1948, after a trip to Mexico, she and her husband ventured into the Balinese Room in Galveston, Texas.  She requested a drink similar to one she had in Mexico, and the head bartender, Santos Cruz, created the Margarita, and named it after the Spanish version of Peggy’s name.” (source Wikipedia)

Plastic: The FOREVER material – How Big Oil and Big Soda kept a global environmental calamity a secret for decades

In this new online world where we collect and edit news and base arguments on what echo chamber is our go-to for information, we happen to like this story and find it plausible, which is a bit scary.  Maybe we should change our minds and not be scared— it’s always an option or we can just do something about a situation to address our fears.

Denim Mis-information (中文) – Translated to Chinese

Our Denim Mis-information story is now translated to Chinese. In it, we tackle the question: “Why does the public — and sometimes even industry insiders — seem to think jeans are so bad for the environment?”  The denim industry is constantly made to feel it’s environmentally worse than other industries which is odd, since it’s not true.  In case you missed it, here is the original English version.

Podcast – The GaryVee Audio Experience

One of our dearest friends suggested we listen to Gary V’s marketing podcasts because there is so much to learn from Gary.  We’d never heard of him but once we heard the podcast we wanted to know more.

The Secret to a Happy Life – Curiosity is the key

We love stuff that makes us happy and not necessarily pharmaceuticals, but food for the brain that makes you love life and waking up each day.  Like this piece on how being curious could lead toward a more meaningful and fulfilling life.  Some people think it’s a fault to always want to know more but in fact curiosity is healthy and necessary at least to this writer.

Denim Facts – Our new infographic

Want to know how much denim fabric is produced each year globally, or the age of the oldest indigo-dyed fabric ever found was? Check out our new infographic for the answers to these questions and more:

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