Kingpins New York Show is Cancelled

We have some hard news to share.

The New York edition of the Kingpins Show was to return this December.  It would have marked two years between physical shows and we were looking eagerly forward to welcome back the denim community in the USA, with all of us together and we thought our show would be an ideal time to kick off the Christmas season rejoicing in the belief that the pandemic was behind us.

After careful consideration we have decided to once again cancel another physical show due to the current pandemic situation which, based on the latest predictions, may very well worsen in New York City once schools reopen in September and the cold weather returns.

The pandemic is not behind us by any stretch of the imagination and rages in many countries and lockdowns are common in many denim-producing nations.

The current global state of vaccinations according to John Hopkins Coronavirus Research Center shows Egypt, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Taiwan, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Tunisia as all having between 3-15% of their nations vaccinated. These are all denim producing nations.

The pandemic cannot ever get behind us until our world has protection and this is the fundamental problem tradeshows have to think about.

We do not wish to be a half-a-show or shadow of what we used to be. We do not wish to risk renewed travel restriction barring exhibitors from entering the country for our show. We want our physical shows to come back as close as possible to what they once were – and this cannot happen in the current conditions.

For now, digital shows, digital information and seminars are something we can control and continue to offer.  Kingpins24 Global (formerly Amsterdam) will happen on October 19-21, while Kingpins24 Latin America will occur on November 9/10.

Plus, we have started a new series where you the readers can express yourself through our Kingpins Stories. Someone once told me to pay attention on the subway and look at all the people because everyone is a novel. Being in the denim industry has been a wonderful indescribable experience for me and we wish the same for many of our readers. Please share why you love the industry and what makes you excited about the future.

Andrew Olah

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