KP24 Australia, Denim & Dyeing Seminar and more.

Mark your calendars. Kingpins is making a visit to Australia on June 23rd and 24th at 2pm Sydney time. Each day will contain two hours of denim stories, conversations and seminars celebrating the Aussie industry and supply chain which contains segments from farming to retail. Australia being a diamond in the Asia Pacific region, we will also touch on the important influence of Asia for Australian businesses – providing insight into production opportunities through to the digital marketing frontier in the region. If you haven’t already registered for a Kingpins24 Show you can Register Here.

An English taxi driver once told an Australian friend of mine that the British who had sent over 160,000 prisoners to Australia starting in the late 1700’s made a tragic error. “The British should have let the prisoner’s stay in Britain, and we should have all gone to Australia”, he remarked.

We’ll have more on this event soon.  Stay tuned.

Founder’s Letter – Global Freshwater and Kingpins24 Flash Australia

This month’s Founder’s Letter is about Global Freshwater and how the worlds renewable freshwater resources have been on the decline. How will the denim industry adapt? Read the letter here and find out how the worlds renewable internal freshwater resources measure up.

Textielcommissie – Textile Festival / Denim & Dyeing Seminar

Textielcommissie is organizing the symposium together with Museum De Lakenhal. Leiden has been a textile city for seven centuries. In addition to dyeing cloth, many other woolen and half-woolen fabrics were also produced in Leiden. In the seventeenth century, Leiden had different types of fabric names for different types of fabrics and materials, including cloth, dull, wool, cotton, silk. Leiden was known for the blue and the black dyeing before that dyes were imported from Southern Europe, Asia North and South America. Cloth seals from this city have been found all over the world, the oldest dating back to 1275.

Artists and designers such as Liset van der Scheer , Hella Jongerius and Claudy Jongstra show the contemporary processing of fabrics and yarns.

The Textile Festival will take place in Leiden from 13 to 16 May. The heart of the Festival is the Pieterskerk, where various exhibitions of amateur artists, students, professionals and collaborative projects of Leiden artists with amateurs can be seen. A textile route with about 40 locations within the canals provides a varied picture of the possibilities with textiles. You can read more about it at

They will also host a seminar on Denim & Dyeing. The seminar will focus on denim, dyeing and sustainability. Indigo dyeing is known to be one of the most polluting parts of denim production due to water usage and treatment with chemicals. This seminar aims to show how denim production is becoming more sustainable from different angles. Click here for more information about the seminar.

Kingpins Trend – F/W 2022 Season is Now Available

Kingpins Show and Denim Dudes once again takes a deep dive into the cultural, creative and consumer shifts currently affecting our denim market. In this comprehensive 105 page report, narrated by Denim Dudes founder, Amy Leverton, we provide guidance to the supply chain from mill through to customer. Covering silhouette, wash and styling on a product level through to values, brand strategy and actionable intelligence for brands.

The complete F/W 2022 forecast also includes a 1.5 hour screening video of the Trend report with voice-over by Amy Leverton. Purchase Trend here.

Kingpins Shop – Everything there is to see in indigo

Head over to the Kingpins Shop to see what’s new. In addition to new and recent items from our mainstay artisan brands such as 11.11 Eleven Eleven and RO25 Design, we’ve also brought in some new books and a few new brands such as Takarajima Senkou from Japan who produce beautiful nautral dyed clothing and accessories. Originally a small manufacturer and dyeing workshop in the countryside of Fukuoka, Japan, their workshop uses only traditional hand-dyeing methods and natural dyes such as indigo, mud, Japanese sumi ink, and dyes derived from other plants. We have a small selection online now with more coming very soon. Kingpins Shop is everything there is to see in indigo in one place. 

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