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April, 2024

The B Corp certified leader producing premium denim fabrics and garments presents new concepts across two booths, each with its own unique features to explore.

The Agency by AGI Denim

The Agency is AGI Denim’s in-house creative solution with its very own booth at the Kingpins Amsterdam show. Its transformative approach fuses instinct- driven creativity with market intelligence to surpass traditional design norms. Clients can now utilize the denim producer’s expertise in research, design, development, and marketing services.

Explore a suite of tools including trend decks, fit catalogs, wash stacks and specialized insights as well as rapid prototyping in digital (3D designs and AI- generated visuals) and physical formats. The Agency extends its innovation to include dry process laser artwork development, further expanding the breadth of design possibilities.

AGI Denim x Green Story

AGI Denim has partnered with Green Story to make environmental footprint data and product life cycle assessment (LCA) more accessible and transparent to anyone looking at their jeans. Visitors of both AGI Denim and The Agency by AGI Denim’s booths can easily access digital product passports with environmental impact data, including water, energy and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Agency x Stephanie Thomas – Human-Centric Adaptive Collection
The fashion collection is designed for individuals with disabilities such as limited mobility or dexterity and sensory sensitivity. The Agency by AGI Denim partnered with Stephanie Thomas, known for her expertise in disability fashion, who brought invaluable insight to the collaboration, ensuring that every design element is both functional and fashionable using her award-winning Disability Fashion Styling System: Accessible, Smart, Fashionable.


Explore the world’s most customizable lustrous coated denim program. For maximum versatility, the fabric is finished in AGI Denim’s state-of-the-art mill with a jewel-like coating and can be garment-dyed to unique specifications in laundry following any color standard. This technology offers designers an easy and scalable way to showcase their distinct vision.

Authentic Soft

Experience the luxury of authentic, soft denim. These fabrics feature a luscious and luxurious feel while retaining denim’s classic durability and rugged texture. AGI Denim’s yarn and fiber technologies enable a new generation of sumptuously soft jeans.

Visit AGI Denim booth White 14

Visit Agency by AGI Denim booth Blue 14

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