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April, 2024

At the heart of SFI’s operations lies a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and reliability through experience.

Embarking on a denim venture in the fashion industry can be daunting, but not with Star Fades International (SFI) by your side. SFI isn’t just another denim laundry; it’s a full-fledged design & technical assist service, 3D innovation powerhouse, and a multi-COO sourcing model all rolled into one. From conceptualization to creation, SFI offers unparalleled support at every stage of your garment manufacturing journey.

What sets SFI apart is its seamless integration of design, laundry, and global sourcing solutions. Access to a team of seasoned denim experts not only helps refine your design concepts but also provides guidance through material selection, fabric development, and wash engineering.

Brands, big and small, make supply chain decisions based on a balance of volume, price, and speed.

SFI clients know they have access to large-volume, off-shore production beyond the borders of Los Angeles through Artistic Milliners’ production ecosystem in Pakistan, as well as faster lead-time options in Mexico and Guatemala— all with the same reliability and commitment to innovative solutions. This global network ensures diverse sourcing options, catering to volume, price, and speed requirements.

At the heart of SFI’s operations lies a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and reliability through experience. Whether you’re a budding designer seeking guidance or a seasoned brand looking to expand your denim repertoire, SFI is your ultimate partner in denim excellence. Their state-of-the-art facilities meet the highest compliance standards, guaranteeing ethical practices in water usage, chemical management, waste disposal, and labor standards. With SFI, your development is not only production-ready but also environmentally conscious and socially responsible.

As the jeans business and its manufacturing practices constantly evolve, SFI and Artistic Milliners continue to lead innovation to anticipate the shifting needs of clients. This is what truly sets SFI apart from its competitors—it’s the team of experts that were there in the beginning, are with you where you need to be now, and will take you into the future.

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