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April, 2024

Our system partnership bans harmful practices and fosters a commitment to broader social and environmental responsibility

The denim industry is facing a crucial turning point—one that will impact both worker health
and the environment. Potassium permanganate (PP), which is commonly used as a bleach in jeans production, has come under scrutiny from The Clean Clothes Campaign Turkey for its significant health risks to workers and contribution to environmental degradation. This disclosure is just the latest to underscore the urgent need for transparency and accountability in chemical usage and robust health and safety measures.

In this challenging landscape, bluesign empowers brands to make responsible choices. Our comprehensive approach to responsible denim fabric & garment production in—bluesign® Denim— outlines strict environmental and worker safety criteria, which explicitly prohibits the use of PP spray in the garment processing of certified products. Moreover, bluesign® System Partner denim mills and laundries are also prohibited from using chlorine bleach, pumice stonewashing and sandblasting in the production of bluesign® Denim certified products, all of which are known for their detrimental impact on workers’ health and the environment.

The bluesign approach goes beyond mere certification; it’s about pioneering shift towards safer, more sustainable production methods. By adhering to our comprehensive criteria, brands, manufacturers and chemical makers that have joined the bluesign® Denim global initiative across Turkey, India, Italy, China and the U.S. can demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

With over five tons of PP used daily worldwide, its environmental toll is undeniable—contaminating water sources and harming aquatic life through the release of manganese, a persistent heavy metal. Moreover, workers exposed to this chemical face a myriad of health issues, including skin irritation, respiratory problems, and long-term organ damage.

In adopting bluesign® Denim, all facets of the supply chain can assure their customers that their garments are produced not only with style in mind but with the utmost care for human health and the environment.

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