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April, 2024


Photo by: DNM Denim

A denim mill committed to continuous improvement across a broad spectrum of environmental goals.

At DNM Denim, every collection has a story behind it. The overarching narrative of our denim mill, since its inception, has been protecting the planet, people and its partners’ best interests. Established in 2011 in Egypt with Turkish capital, the company was founded on the twin principles of product innovation and respecting nature.

The company’s environmental production approach has led it to implement a ZLD closed treatment Plant, minimize electricity consumption, and use solar and thermal energy sources such as solar panels. DNM is also doing its part to clean up denim’s dirty little secret when it comes to water.

“Water is life! It is estimated that in conventional denim production, over 80% of wastewater is released into the environment without adequate treatment. Therefore, we believe that reducing water consumption and protecting natural water resources are crucial steps,” said Sedat Sualp, sales and marketing director, DNM.

DNM uses the ZLD System (Zero Liquid Discharge) to prevent the discharge of industrial wastewater into the environment. All of the water used at DNM goes through the ZLD system. This enables the company to recycle 90.2% of all water used back into our system. To measure these efforts, DNM regularly carries out water and carbon footprint measurements every year.

DNM’s commitment to water efficiency and re-use means the company enables its supply chain partners to meet their goals. Together with its brand and retail clients, DNM is working to increase its use of natural energy sources, increase the use of sustainable fibers and work towards zero carbon targets. It is a continuous evolution that allows the company to enrich its product offerings with fabrics that are fashionable and responsible.

Looking ahead to the next five years, circularity is at the center of the DNM’s goals, while also addressing energy, chemicals, waste, efficiency, and processes to reduce its environmental footprint.

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