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April, 2024

Keeping the numbers up while making an impact in high fashion and sustainable production, leading denim and flat fabric producer Sharabati shows how it is done.

From cotton bale to finished fabric, the Sharabati company takes care of it all. Since its foundation in Syria in 1978 and relocation to Egypt in 1998, Sharabati has enjoyed steady growth, including expansion to Turkey in 2005. The company prides itself on its ability to produce more than 140 million meters annually, while strengthening its commitment to sustainability and at the same time collaborating with prestigious names in the world of fashion.

With its workforce of more than 5,000, modern factories in Egypt and Turkey, and vast network of sales offices, Sharabati is a major player both with mass retailers and high fashion brands. Its export portfolio boasts 27 countries.

The company’s focus on sustainability is perhaps best represented by Tadweer, Sharabati’s state-of-the- art recycling plant that recycles 22 tons of production process waste daily in Egypt. Also, Sharabati’s Re-live collection, which includes 100% regenerative cotton fabrics, recycled yarns and natural indigo dyes, is summarizing just a few of the sustainable fiber and processes used. At Sharabati every single production step is conceived and geared to maximum efficiency, so is sustainable both in terms of savings, recycling and reduction of resources.

Along with regular expansion and modernization, Sharabati stands out from large-scale competitors through its partnerships. Sharabati supplies over 100 globally recognized brands but also establishes more exclusive partnerships that still manage to have mass appeal, including a recent collaboration

with Italian expert fine printers Delago, whose exclusive designs are produced at Sharabati’s factories. Additionally, Sharabati’s Dream of Nile collection uses high quality Egyptian Giza 94 cotton resulting in lustrous drapey, super soft fabrics with a luxurious feel and all the durability of denim.

Sharabati’s ability to evolve, anticipate and meet the needs of the ever-growing fabric market will ensure its strong position among the industry’s top producers.

Visit the Sharabati booth Blue 31

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