IYKYK: NYC Edition

February, 2024

By Shannon Reddy
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Denim Dudes’ Shannon Reddy shares what insiders love most about the city that never sleeps.

New York is world renowned for its dining, elite shopping scene and incredible architecture—not to mention it’s top notch for denim street style. However, some of the best spots won’t show up in your average “Things to do Around NYC” google search or city guides. But don’t worry. We got the scoop from denim heads about the best mom and pop restaurants, one-off boutiques and lesser-known snack spots so you can be in the know too.

Maurice Mosseri, COO of Still Here

M. Crow & Company

To me, M. Crow is the gold standard of an incredible lifestyle brand and I love shopping at their NYC store. Founder Tyler Hays is an artist, clothing designer, furniture builder, architect and engineer. Everything he creates is done by hand or using hand-made materials. His ceramics and homewares are made from wild clay he digs himself. They brew their own beer and make incredible denim too!

Sonia Mosseri, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Still Here


This Flatiron staple an incredible, classic New York-style luncheonette, one of the only ones still around. It was most recently was bought by the owners of Court Street Grocers. My Grandfather used to take my dad there growing up, and my dad has always taken me through the years. It has a really special New York Charm.

Lila Habermann, VP of design and product development at Artistic Milliners

Sincerely, Tommy

This BedStuy coffee shop and ultra-curated boutique is a beacon of cool in an already cool neighborhood. One of my favorite places to grab a coffee and sit outside to people watch; the streetstyle up and down Tompkins Ave is unmatched. The store carries up-and-coming designers, clothing, accessories and home goods. The curation always feels fresh, cool and approachable without trying too hard.


Another perfectly curated Brooklyn boutique. Tangerine in East Williamsburg carries indie heavy-hitters and up-and-comers alike. I love their simple curation that brings high and low together. You could leave with a trendy bottle of vinegar or a $400 necklace, depending on the day.


Probably my favorite place to grab a bite, Kopitiam on the Lower East Side seems like the best place for any meal or occasion. This Singaporean coffee house has insane desserts, to-die-for noodles, and always has new and rotating menus filled with things I’ve never heard of and can’t wait to try. I love to meet friends here on a Sunday afternoon to hang for hours or stop in on a weekday morning for a quick coffee and kaya toast.

Micheal Smith, Pair of Kings Podcast Co-Host & data science analyst

Self Edge

When I was in high school, I got into clothing through raw denim and workwear, and Self Edge on the Lower East Side was the first store I ever saw that carried all the big brands. My taste has changed through the years and it has been really cool to see Self Edge keeping up with the culture. They started carrying the Rick Owens raw denim line a few years ago. They’ve been there for me through all of my phases!

Loren Cronk, Denim Designer

Five Leaves

This is my “cheers” of Greenpoint… where everyone knows your name. For 2010-2020, my denim shop, Loren, was just across the street and 5L was my go-to for entertaining friends and guests. I made most of their denim aprons and from time to time I still see a few on the wait staff which is nice. The El Ray cocktail is my fav. I used to sit on the outside bar and watch my shop as I was sipping on a cocktail, when I saw someone walk in, I’d run over and act like I wasn’t sipping on a cocktail.  

Xi’an Famous Foods

Everything on this menu is great… but F4 is my one and only: spicy lamb dumpling. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Booking a delta flight now.

Miko Underwood, founder of Oak & Acorn

One Stop Patty Shop

They have the BEST vegetarian Jamaican patties. Their flavor palette is unmatched.

The Patties are always fresh! And the chef is the best!

Lee Lee’s Baked Goods

Hands down the MOST OUTSTANDING rugelach in New York City. LEE LEE’s is a staple in Harlem. The scent of rugelach baking will draw you in from the streetside. The most irresistible pastry I’ve ever had.

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