Kingpins Cotton Data: Updated List of Information

February, 2024

Looking for information about the global cotton market? We’ve compiled it for you. Everything from a ranking of the largest cotton-growing nations to the average farm size around the world to how much organic cotton is grown — it’s all here at your fingertips.

Kingpins has attached an updated and easy to read and easy to understand list of information about cotton – like, which nations are the largest growers, what’s the average farm size throughout the world, how much organic cotton is grown etc etc etc.

As transparency becomes more and more necessary, it’s imperative everyone understands what countries can offer the cotton they need to fulfill the necessary requirements.  Obviously big farm nations have an easier time with transparency than small farm nations.  Yet small farm nations produce more than big farm ones.  So its not an easy process to get things the way you need but the first step is to have simple data, read it and understand it.  

Hope you like this list.  Not easy to find this data so digestible.  If it were we would not make make it.  View and download the updated report below:

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